Efficient Lighting
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See lamps' description in terms of performance, applications, power range, colour temperature, colour rendering index (CRI), luminous efficacy and lifetime. Energy-efficient alternatives are identified by 

List per family 
List per type of application

        - For direct substitution of an existing lamp (depends on lamp see below)
        - For a new installation (depends on application)

For direct substitution of General lighting service incandescent lamp :

For direct substitution of reflector incandescent lamp : For direct substitution of 38mm-diameter linear fluorescent lamp: For direct substitution of high pressure mercury lamps:

For a NEW lighting installation where colour rendering is:

    Very important (CRI = 90-100, e.g. in art galleries)

    Important   (CRI = 80-89 e.g. in offices, schools)     Secondary  (CRI = 60-79  e.g. in workshops)     Not important  (CRI less than 60 e.g. road lighting)