Standard High Pressure Sodium Lamps

Among high pressure sodium lamps, these have the most basic colour characteristics (as opposed to the “white sodium” version).


They have a better efficacy and longer service life than metal halide lamps but their colour is less cool and white and their colour rendering properties are less good.

Compared to high pressure mercury lamps, they offer greater efficacies.

Compared to low pressure sodium lamps, they have a lower efficacy but provide much better colour rendering.


Standard high pressure sodium lamps are available over a range of power ratings from 50 to 1000 W. At the higher power ratings the lamps provide a high lumen package, which makes them particularly suitable for application in industrial environments. The colour rendering properties of the lamp range has increased the range of applications of this type of lamp. The lamps have a warm color appearance, short restrike time and, a long service life. The lamps can be fitted in both high-bay and low-bay luminaires making them suitable for use in high-bay and low-ceilinged industrial buildings. They are also suitable for sports halls, swimming pools and gymnasia and also for outdoor lighting, including car parks.


50 - 1000 Watt

Colour Temp.:

1700 - 2200 Kelvin


20 - 65

Luminous Eff.:

65 - 150 lm/W (typical: 110)


10000 - 24000 hours
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