General Lighting Service Incandescent Lamps

They are standard tungsten lamps, available with various types of bulbs (clear, frosted, opal, coloured, etc.). A large majority are opal lamps, in the range 25 to 100 watts, with either screw caps or bayonet caps. Some of them are decorative, having specific shapes such as candle lamps, or small caps.


They are very inefficient, with an efficacy typically around 12 lm/W, generally have a relatively short life around 1000 hours, but have a low initial cost.


With recent advances in compact fluorescent and tungsten halogen lamps, the continued use of standard incandescent lamps is difficult to justify.


15-1000 Watt

Colour Temp.:

2700 Kelvin



Luminous Eff.:

11-19 lm/W


1000 hours