Line Voltage Halogen Lamps

Single-ended or double-ended tungsten halogen incandescent lamps operating directly on line-voltage with no need for voltage converter.


Being incandescent lamps, they have a much lower efficacy than any other families of lamps (e.g. fluorescent lamps, high intensity discharge lamps). However, thanks to the halogens, their efficacy can typically be up to 20% higher than standard tungsten lamps, and their luminous properties are more constant over time. Moreover, newest halogen lamps are also available with infra-red coating that is said to increase their luminous efficacy by 25-30% compared to conventional halogen lamps.

Compared to compact fluorescent lamps, their efficacy is much lower but on the other hand their performance is independent of temperature and orientation. They also project light efficiently over long distance, and they present no power quality or compatibility concerns. In addition, they provide optimal colour rendering.


Accent lighting and display lighting has traditionnaly been achieved using tungsten spotlights. A wide range of tungsten-halogen lamps is now available and these can be used effectively for this purpose, especially where tight control of beam spread is necessary. Other good applications include high-ceiling downlighting and “instant-on” power floodlighting.

Some of these lamps are specially designed for retrofit of standard tungsten lamps.

However, prior to using tungsten halogen lamps, the use of compact fluorescent lamps (better efficacy) should be investigated.



25-250 Watt (single-ended)
60-2000 Watt (double-ended)

Colour Temp.:

3000 Kelvin



Luminous Eff.

11-17 lm/W (single-ended)
14-23 lm/W (double-ended)


2000 hours (single-ended)
3000 hours (double-ended)