Fitting-Based Induction Lamps

They are induction lamps requiring specific fitting.


The system has a good efficacy, up to 71 lm/W, and good colour rendering index (above 80). With no electrode to consider, starting can be instantaneous and lamps can be switched any number of times without the degradation that always occurs when electrodes are present. Rated lifetime is approximately 60000 hours, much more than the self-ballasted induction lamps.


The application areas were in outdoor lighting as well as in indoor lighting, where lamp replacement is very expensive or dangerous. However, because of new improvements (smaller size, price reduction) and their shape, the light is easier to control than in the case of linear fluorescent tube hence offering more freedom in the luminaire design, thus they can sometimes be preferred to the latter. Therefore, they are now found in more conventional applications, such as stores and libraries where low maintenance is a benefit.

Fitting-based induction lamps cannot be used as direct replacement of standard tungsten lamps. For direct replacement, see Self-ballasted induction lamps.



100 - 150 Watt

Colour Temp.:

2700 - 3000 - 4000 Kelvin



Luminous Eff.:

71 lm/W


60000 hours