Integral Compact Fluorescent Lamps


Integral (or self-ballasted) lamps are compact fluorescent lamps with built-in ballast and appropriate screw or bayonet cap to fit a standard incandescent lamp-holder.



As a general rule, comparable total light output from a compact fluorescent scheme may be obtained for only around 20-30% of the wattage required using standard tungsten lamps. The rated life of the compact fluorescent lamps is 8 times longer than for tungsten lamps. Maintenance costs are therefore reduced, although the initial cost of the lamps is higher.

The colour characteristics of compact fluorescent lamps have significantly improved and they can no longer be considered to deliver 'crude' lighting. Their rated colour temperature ranges from 2700 K (warm white similar to incandescent lighting) to 4000 K (cool white).


The lamps with integral control gear are designed as direct replacements for many general service incandescent lamps. Their price has dramatically reduced in recent years, making the substitution even more profitable.

For new installations, the use of pin-based compact fluorescent lamps shall be preferred.



3 - 23 Watt

Colour Temp.:

2700 - 4000 Kelvin



Luminous Eff.:

30 - 65 lm/W


10000 hours