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Past news:
9-13 December 2002 in Paris: GreenLight exhibition at ELEC 2002. Elec is an international exhibition organised every two years in Paris. Elec groups everything on offer across the world in the area of electricity, automation, heating, air-conditioning, refrigerating, ventilating, luminaires and lighting. The exhibition brings together products, systems and related services. Elec is aimed at all professionals in energy, industry, tertiary and residential building and infrastructures.
  9-10 Oct. 2002 in Madrid: GreenLight achievements will be publicized at the biennial Matelec Fair in Madrid.

7-11 Oct. 2002 in Rome: GreenLight will be presented at the PV in Europe conference and exhibition (Palazzo dei Congressi, Rome, Italy)
18 September 2002
GreenLight article in Le Monde newspaper (France). "Eclairer mieux et à moindre coûts les lieux de travail".
10 September 2002
OKQ8 joined the Greenlight programme. OKQ8 is the largest gas station company in Sweden.
27 - 31 May 2002 - Nice (France)
Joint international conference dedicated to Improving Electricity Efficiency in Commercial Buildings (IEECB 2002) and Energy-Efficient Lighting (Right Light 5). Special workshop on GreenLight. Organisation
: ADEME. Link:

During the gala dinner of the conference, Johnson & Johnson was awarded "Best GreenLight Partner 2002" for their achievements in 2001. The companies ETAP and INRES were recognized as "Best GreenLight Endorsers 2002".

12 December 2001 - Malmö
GreenLight seminar organised by STEM

Contact person: Heini-Marja Suvilehto
6 December 2001 - Paris
Presentation of GreenLight at the 'Forum Energies 2001' during the Pollutec Fair. Contact: [email protected].

French version: Présentation du programme GreenLight au "Forum Energies 2001", durant le Salon Pollutec. La présentation aura lieu durant la session intitulée "Nouveaux concepts d'éclairage: plus de 50% d'économies possibles, mythes ou réalité?". 
Contact: [email protected].

5 December 2001 - Gothenburg
GreenLight seminar organised by STEM 

Contact person: Heini-Marja Suvilehto
29 & 30 November 2001 - Ispra (Italy)
Meeting of the GreenLight National Contact Points at the European Commission Joint Research Centre.
Contact Person: Vincent Berrutto
28 November 2001 - Stockholm
GreenLight seminar organised by STEM 
Contact person: Heini-Marja Suvilehto
23 November 2001 - Milano
Presentation of the GreenLight Programme and its information resources at
the ENEA/FIRE Seminar on Rationale Use of Energy. 
This seminar is offered to energy managers. 
Contact person: Mario De Renzio.
See programme

Presentazione del Programma GreenLight e dele sue risorse di informazioni al
Seminario di ENEA/FIRE sull'uso efficiente dell'energia elettrica. 
Questo seminario è proposto da i direttori di energia. 
Contatto persona: Mario De Renzio
Guarda il programma


November 2001
Mc Donald's Europe joined GreenLight!
25 & 26 October 2001 - Vienna (Austria)
Within the framework of the PENELOPE workshop, GreenLight is promoted toward the local authorities of the EU and the Candidate Countries.
Contact: Bureau Energie-Cites Bruxelles 
25 - 27 October 2001 - Helsinki (FIN)
Special GreenLight Event at Light 2001 - Trade fair for lighting professionals. See GreenLight National Contact Point.
1 October 2001 - Brugge (Belgium)
The GreenLight Programme is presented at the lighting workshop organised by the International Energy Agency. Contact Person: Nils Borg
October 2001 - Belgium
Beerse Metaalwerken N.V.
signed up as GreenLight Partner
3 August 2001 - Granada (Spain)
D. Jose Luis Salcedo Lagullon, Director of the Hospital Unifersitario Virgen de las Nieves de Granada, signed the GreenLight commitment. 
26 June 2001 - Madrid (Spain)
GreenLight Info Day for Public Administration  managers. Download invitation in PDF. Contact Person: Fernando Mozos (IDAE)
19 June 2001 - Madrid (Spain)
GreenLight Info Day for City Halls managers. Download invitation in PDF. Contact Person: Fernando Mozos (IDAE).
18-20 June 2001 (ISL)
GreenLight success stories presented at the famous LUX EUROPA 2001 conf.
(held every two years; this time in Reykjavík, Iceland)
11-16 June 2001 - France
First-year assessment of GreenLight
at the eceee 2001 Summer Study
eceee is the European Council for an
Energy-Efficient Economy
7 June 2001 - Madrid (Spain)
GreenLight Info Day for hospital managers. Download invitation. Contact Person: Fernando Mozos (IDAE).
31 May 2001 - Malle (B)
Inauguration of the "GreenLight corner" in ETAP's Light Pavilion, in presence of all the GreenLight national representatives (see picture). ETAP is Main Endorser of the European GreenLight Programme.

23-27 May 2001 - Milan (I)
Special focus on GreenLight at the biennal INTEL 2001 Conference, the International exhibition for electronics, electrical technology and illumination :

- Special GreenLight workshop on 25 May 2001 (contact: Mario De Renzio). Download minutes (in Word and in Italian).

- GreenLight information on the Merloni Progetti stand. Download press release in Italian and in Word (contact: Paolo Di Lecce at [email protected])

12 March 2001 - Bologna (I)
Free GreenLight seminar for Italian energy managers (14:00-18:00, place: ENEA, via dei Martiri di Monte Sole,4 - Bologna, contact person: Mario De Renzio, FIRE)
25-26 January 2001 - Staffelstein (D)
Learn about GreenLight in Staffelstein (Germany) during a seminar on Innovative Lighting Technology in Buildings.
24 January 2001 - Greece
GreenLight formed part of a presentation on "Energy retrofits in the hotel sector and financing schemes" during the Conference on "Opportunities of Operational Programme for Antagonism in Tourism, Energy and Environment" (opened by the Ministers of Development and Environment).
11-15 December 2000 - Paris (F)
Learn about GreenLight at Elec 2000. Elec is an international exhibition organised every two years in Paris. Elec brings together the supply from all over the world, within the sectors of electricity, automation, climatic engineering and lighting. Elec is an exhibition of products, systems and services associated with these products. Elec is aimed at all professionals within the sectors of energy, electricity, industry and building industry.
1-4 November 2000 - Lisbon (P)
Luis Silva, Head of the Marketing Department at the Centro para a Conservação de Energia (CCE) presented GreenLight during the UIE2000 Conference "Electricity for a Sustainable Urban Development". This conference was jointly organised by the International Union of Electricity Applications (UIE) and Electricidade de Portugal. It was mainly concerned with the role of electricity in the development of cities in the 21st century, towards an energy efficient and environmentally sustainable economy.
November 2000 - Portugal
Press coverage in the "Climatização" magazine (5000 copies). Contact: [email protected]
October 2000 - Germany
The October issue of Contracting & Waermedienst features a comprehensive description of the GreenLight Programme (contact person: Klaus Peter Kirsch, Saarländische Energie-Agentur GmbH).
October 2000 - Portugal
Press coverage in Energia Magazine. Contact: [email protected]. View article in PDF (278 KB)
27 October 2000 - Madrid (E)
Potential Spanish GreenLight Partners and Endorsers were invited to attend the presentation of GreenLight at the International Exhibition of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (MATELEC - Madrid - Room B at 12:00 a.m). This presentation was co-organised by IDAE and the Comite Español de Iluminación (CEI). Contact: [email protected]
11-12 Sept. 2000 - Paris (F)
Highlight on GreenLight at the "Journees Nationales de la Lumiere" (National Lighting Conference) in Paris, the biggest French conference on lighting, organised every two years and gathering more than 600 lighting practitioners. Contact person: [email protected]
13-15 Sept. 2000 - Finland
'Grönt Ljus för Europa' is represented at Nordisk Belysningskongress 2000. Contact person: [email protected]
July 2000 - Portugal
5000 potential Partners are provided with a copy of the GreenLight presentation through the Energia Magazine. Contact: [email protected]. (view PDF 78 KB)
July 2000 - Finland
In their Xpress Newsletter 3/2000 of July, the Energy Information Centre for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources (MOTIVA) provide their readers with all details about GreenLight. The newsletter is published in Finnish five times per year. It is the source of news on energy conservation. 
June 2000 - Italy
The 'Gestione Energia N.2/2000' periodical provides its 5000 readers (mostly energy managers) with an article on GreenLight (download text in PDF 194 KB). Contact: [email protected]
30-31 May 2000 - Austria
GreenLight is presented and advertised at the Annual Conference of the Austrian Association of Lighting Technology (LTG). Contact person: [email protected]
23-26 May 2000 - Oslo (N)
GreenLight is represented at Eliaden 2000 in Oslo (Norway).
12-13 May 2000 - Spain
In Spain, the
Gaceta de los
welcomes the
11-16 April 2000 - Milan (I)
The GreenLight programme’s materials are displayed on the European Commission’s stand during Euroluce, the 20th International Lighting Exhibition in Milan, Italy.Euroluce is the biggest international lighting exhibition in terms of the number of exhibiting firms (520) and exhibition area (70,000 m 2 ). The exhibition in 2000 was the 20th biennial event.
April 2000 - Portugal
The "Energia" magazine (5000 copies) and the "Indústria e Ambiente" magazine (10 000 copies) feature the Greenlight Programme. Contact: [email protected]
April 2000 - Austria
The Austrian Energy Agency magazine dedicates a full article untitled "...and let there be GreenLight" in its issue Nr. 1/2000 received by 1500 people.


19-23 March 2000 - Frankfurt (D)
The GreenLight programme formed the centre-piece of the European Commission stand at the “Light + Building 2000” Fair, the new international leading fair for Light and Electrical Technology, Airconditioning and Building Services from 19 to 23 March 2000 in Frankfurt am Main. More than 100.000 visitors and 1,800 exhibitors attended the new event. Among visitors were specialists dealing with the management and technical operation of large-scale properties such as industrial and office buildings, airports, trade fair sites, large hospitals, public authorities and other institutions.”
February 2000 - Portugal
Announcement of the GreenLight programme in the Energia magazine (5000 copies, see article in PDF 526 KB) & Indústria e Ambiente Nr. 19 (8000 copies, see article in PDF 232 KB). Contact: [email protected]
7 February 2000 - Brussels (B)
GreenLight was officially launched on 7 February 2000 in Brussels during a special event gathering more than 70 participants from the 15 Member States. Among them were representatives from the European National Energy Agencies who are determined to actively promote this innovative programme in each country. Also present were several chief executives from companies at the forefront of pollution prevention in Europe. The launch event was opened by Mr. G. Hanreich, EC Director for New Energies & Demand Management, and Mr. C. Turmes, Member of the European Parliament. Both expressed their enthusiasm and positive views for this promising initiative of the European Commission.


Upcoming Events: