Luminaires Design Competition: Frequently Asked Quesions



What exactly are class A, B1 and B2 ballasts according to the C.E.L.M.A. ?

Several classes of ballast have been defined by CELMA depending on the ballast-lamp circuit power, with different levels for each lamp power and ballast type. CELMA is the Federation of National Manufacturers Associations for Luminaires and Electrotechnical Components for Luminaires in the European Union. You can find more information about these classes at

What exactly specifies class A and B pin-based energy efficient lamps ?

Energy-efficient classes are set in accordance with the lamp energy efficiency index. This index is calculated from the lumen output of the lamp and its power input. You can find the exact formulae at (download the energy label directive and look at the last pages of the directive).

But all you need in practice is to look at the lamp package, as it should normally mention the lamp class on it.

Is the competition exclusively for products with are in the development? Or can we also apply with a current product, that is already introduced in the market?

Pin-based products already in production, which have been introduced on the market after 1.1.2001, are eligible for the competition. Products, which are converted to take only pin-based lamps are eligible for the competition, provided that the model with non pin-based lamp will be withdrawn from production within a year from the Award Ceremony.

What do you mean by "pin-based" lamps?

"pin-based" compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) have a pin cap, as opposed to non pin-based CFLs which have a built-in ballast and appropriate screw or bayonet cap to fit a standard incandescent lamp-holder. This latter CFLs are outside the scope of the competition as they could easily be replaced by standard incandescent lamps, annihilating the energy savings.

However, please note that the acceptation of "pin-based" has been somewhat broadened within the framework of this competition to encompass other energy-efficient lamps which cannot be replaced with incandescent lamps. See exact criteria that these lamps must respect to be eligible.

How many designs can be submitted by one person ?

There is no limitation in terms of number of proposals that one single person can submit. However, please make sure to submit one Registration Form for each model (before 30 Sept. 2001). You will then receive after this date a number for each of the models you registered.