More about GreenLight...

The following documents provide further insight on the context and background of the GreenLight Programme:

  • PowerPoint file presenting the GreenLight Programme and several of its success stories (date: May 2002; size: 7 MB):
  • Background paper on GreenLight (PDF 53 KB) : Context; results of feasibility studies; overall energy saving potential; previous experience with similar programmes; etc. Available in english only.
  • Study on European Green Light: Savings Potential and Best Practices in Lighting Applications and Voluntary Programmes (Oct. 1999).
  • Main report: Word file (680K) / zipped word file (188K)
    Annex report: Word file (756K) / zipped Word file (232K)

  • European Climate Change Programme - Final Report (June 2001).
    The European Climate Change Programme has been an ambitious force for change, initiated and led by the European Commission. Its mission has been to drive forward EU efforts to meet the targets set by the Kyoto Protocol for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 'Action Plan to Improve Energy Efficiency in the European Community' (ref. COM (2000) 247 final). Communication from the Commission dated April 2000 outlining policies and measures (incl. GreenLight) for the removal of the market barriers which prevent the satisfactory diffusion of energy-efficient technology and the efficient use of energy. Available in other languages on EUR-Lex web site.
  • Green Paper : Towards a European strategy for the security of energy supply (ref. COM(2000) 769 final. PDF file 818 KB): Green Paper adopted by the European Commission on 29 November 2000 which sketches out the bare bones of a long-term energy strategy. Available in other languages on EUR-Lex web site.
  • Kyoto Protocol on climate change: In the context of the commitments to cut CO2 emissions, energy efficiency is considered the cornerstone of Community action. Available in all Community languages.